Moroccan cinnamon tea: composition, recipe

Moroccan cinnamon tea: composition, recipe. In cloudy weather, everyone wants to warm up. And everyone has his own way – a blanket and a stove, a cozy sweater, and a massage. There is another tasty way- Moroccan tea!

A mixture of oriental spices perfectly warms and gives a feeling of peace. By the way, in the homeland of this tea, Morocco, they drink it not only with meals: it perfectly helps to quench thirst during the day! It is easy to find the tea: special stores, located in crowded places, sell this drink.

How did Moroccan tea come about?

Moroccan cinnamon tea: composition, recipe. The history of this fragrant beverage began in the mid-19th century. A British trader, who was transporting ganpauder tea from China, was forced to change the route. The reason for this was the hostilities that flared up everywhere. The Briton was in Morocco. There he sold tea. So residents in Morocco appeared a tasty drink and the merchant had a new place of sale.

But the story doesn’t end there. “Gunpauder” became the basis of mint tea, which became extremely popular not only in Morocco. They began to drink it in Tunisia and Algeria, Spain, and France. By the way, this tea is also called Maghreb tea, Tunisian tea, Tuareg

Moroccan Tea Composition

The main symbol of hospitality, its brand, is sold everywhere. But what if you are far from the streets of Morocco? Moroccan tea can be prepared independently. To do this, you need to know what is included in the composition of the drink:

The main ingredient, of course, is green tea. It is imported to Morocco from China. The most suitable varieties are Chun Me and Zhu Cha.
It is important to add mint to the drink. The most suitable, of course, Moroccan. It has many advantages over its European counterparts, as it contains more essential oils and menthol. Another advantage is the attractive appearance. Moroccan mint has wavy leaves. However, if it is not on hand, the most ordinary will do.
What else can you add to Moroccan tea? The composition includes a large number of wormwood and lemon verbena. Adapt, among other things, citrus, spices, and milk.

Cooking Recipes

Moroccan cinnamon tea: composition, recipe. Moroccan tea can be brewed in a variety of ways. Not only the ingredients are different, but also the technology of brewing! According to one recipe, it is necessary to boil tea and mint together, on the other – in different teapots, connecting them only later. The only condition that does not change is the presence of a metal kettle. Other dishes do not fit, because it is important to cook real Moroccan tea on the fire!

Classic recipe

Want to make traditional Moroccan tea? The recipe is not that complicated:

The first thing to do is to prepare the green tea. It must be insisted for twenty-five minutes.
Then, after filtering the tea leaves, the tea should be poured into a larger metal kettle.
There it is worth adding sugar. Before it is completely dissolved, the tea should be on fire.
Just before finishing cooking, add mint leaves to the teapot: the more, the tastier the drink will be. You can not boil the mint. Just put the leaves in a tall glass and pour it hot tea

Multistage rinsing

This method, as the name suggests, relies on rinsing in the brewing process. They, by the way, require at least four. There are a few tricks here. For example, it is impossible to pour the water from the first beer – according to popular belief, it contains the “spirit” of tea, without which the drink will not work. People far from mystics, explains this tradition is much simpler: in the first mixture contains the greatest amount of essential oils. That is, it depends on how fragrant and tasty the finished drink will be.

But in the water of the second, third, and fourth tannin rinse concentration is too high. Because this water is not used. When the rinse is left behind, the first mixture is returned to the kettle, bringing it to a boil. In an almost ready drink, add mint and sugar.

Moroccan cinnamon tea: the most delicious recipe

One of the most delicious options: drinking with the addition of cinnamon. To do this you need not only this fragrant spice but also cloves, lemon, and orange:

The first thing to do is to remove the rind from the fruit, grate, or finely chop it.
From the lemon, it is necessary to squeeze the juice.
It is recommended to the mint to mix lightly, it is better to do it with your hands.
Then you need to cook the sugar – the usual Moroccan tea with cinnamon will not work, you need to burn. Cooking is easier than ever: the sugar must be poured into the pan, completely melted and caramelized.

You should put the beer, peel, burnt sugar, mint, lemon juice, cloves, and, of course, cinnamon in a metal kettle, better than chopsticks. Then the mixture should be poured boiling water, put on the fire, and bring the tea to a boil.
It is very important to give the drink an insistence – you can pour it into glasses not earlier than twenty minutes. In the glass, you can put a few fresh mint leaves.

Tea with a Toteen

There are other recipes for such beverage, such as Moroccan tea. The cinnamon recipe is not the only one. You can cook it with a badian. On the kettle enough and a star.

It must be crushed by adding anise seeds to it. Then you need to mix mint, green tea, spices, juice of any citrus fruit (lime or lemon is the best). You can put a crust from the fruit. Then pour the mixture with boiling water and bring to a boil. You can indulge yourself with this fragrant drink in ten minutes!

Moroccan tea with thyme

Thyme is another plant that gives tea a unique taste. For preparation will need tea leaves and mint, thyme, sugar. The mixture is needed to pour boiling water and simmer for twenty minutes. Moroccan tea can be consumed hot and cold, it can warm and quench thirst.

Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony is traditionally held by men. The most important thing is to fill the glasses with Moroccan tea in order to form a lush foam. By the way, this is why the tea is poured into tall glasses, filling them only half full! “Piloting” of the highest tea – the ability to hold the kettle overhead, pouring a thin stream of Moroccan tea, without spilling a drop. This, by the way, is not only a beautiful ceremony – in this way it allows you to saturate the drink with a lot of oxygen.

It is customary for honored guests to offer three glasses, it is impossible to refuse food. But if the guest is not welcome, a full glass is poured – without foam.

It is worth noting that although Moroccan tea contains sugar, it is served with sweets. Usually, it is a fresh cookie, nicely arranged on a metal plate.

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