Camel Riding Instructions

Camel Riding Instructions

Camel Riding Instructions, Vacation memories are undoubtedly built of riding a camel through the sloping dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. When you shake the sand out of your shoes and think back on the sunsets, all soreness will vanish along with the memory of any sore muscles.

Even though it might not be love at first sight when you first meet your camel, getting on it should feel fairly simple because it will probably be sitting on its haunches. However, don’t get comfortable too soon because the interesting part of the journey begins when your camel stands up to continue. The whole ship of the desert metaphor is well made plain by a lurch forward, rapidly followed by a reciprocal lurch backward.

When my now-adult children first went on a camel ride, they were still quite little, and the exhilaration of the ride was greeted with squeals of ecstasy that were quickly followed by shrieks of utter dread as they clung to the saddle for dear life. We told them it was character-forming.

Simply said, following your guide’s directions is the most important piece of advice you can obtain when it comes to mounting and dismounting your steadfast horse before you even start your adventure.

After preparing you for the worst, as my kids quickly discovered, it is most definitely worth it once you are up and moving. The loping walk of the camel is a component of the trip in the desert where life has a distinct pace. The second piece of advise is to simply relax as much as you can and roll with the slightly awkward flow of the camel, which makes it the perfect vehicle for crossing large miles of sand. And it is precisely that rhythm and stride that is important to enjoy the experience.

The breadth of the camel’s back is the main source of any pain since, unlike its equine relative the horse, the camel is not constructed to human scale, making the previously stated calming tip challenging. You’ll feel a little out of balance and most surely feel muscles using that you weren’t aware of. Once you’re over the hump, try to get into a comfortable seat and then just relax and take in the journey.

In addition to the trip itself, there are a few useful pointers to remember that will make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Couture of Camel

Wearing long, comfy pants and socks is a smart idea. Your jeans may gradually rise up your calves as the camel moves, exposing your legs to the heat, sand, and camel. You will be glad to be covered up even if it may be warm since your guide will be wearing a turban and robe to shield himself from the sun. Make sure you have room to move in whatever you choose to wear since you will also need to be able to extend your legs over and across the camel’s back. Keep your sunscreen close at reach, and while wearing socks won’t win you any prizes for your sense of style, they can help to avoid any contact irritation that could develop. Apart than that, keep things straightforward—you don’t want to stress about having too much luggage!

Photographs and camels

Any phones, cameras, or other gadgets could benefit from attachment or tethering. It goes without saying that you want to take photographs while riding a camel. However, because camels are lofty animals, any fall will be a considerable distance. In addition, getting on and off is difficult, so once you are standing and in your seat, you might want to stay there for a while. Referring back to the introductory remarks.

You might wish to have the soundtracks of Hideous Kinky or The Sheltering Sky queued and ready to go if you don’t enjoy the Sahara’s utter quiet. Once more, confirm that everything is fastened tightly.

One final thought about riding camels

Ibuprofen and aspirin should not be overlooked. Even while 30 minutes on a camel may not seem like much, if your hip joints or knees are weak or prone to injury, it might feel like a lifetime. Camel rides won’t harm you permanently, but if you ride for more than 30 minutes, the strange position they force you into could cause some slight pain. Always keep a little pain reliever on hand.

Go ride the camel now that you’re ready to do so!

Get in touch with us to learn more about our excursions if you’d like any more guidance or recommendations on the ideal desert itinerary to explore Morocco’s secret Sahara, with or without a camel.

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