6 Beautiful Moroccan Coastal Towns to Visit

6 Beautiful Moroccan Coastal Towns to Visit

6 Beautiful Moroccan Coastal Towns to Visit, In addition to its twisting souks and sand dunes. Morocco has 1,200 miles of coastline that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

There are several quaint harbors, and bustling fishing ports. and scenic beach villages along the coast they are all as unique as the interior of Morocco. The majority of the Moroccan seaside settlements are absolutely undiscovered locations that are just waiting to be discovered

Most of Morocco’s coastal villages, with the exception of Agadir and its package resorts, are actually still relatively undeveloped making them perfect for relaxed tourists looking to see Morocco off the beaten route Our top 5 Moroccan seaside towns offer it all from stress-free medinas to breathtaking mountain vistas. Spend your Moroccan vacation enjoying leisurely strolls along the beach whichever you like.


Essaouira, one of Morocco’s most well-liked domestic tourist spots, embodies a relaxed Morocco. The modest medina is packed with art galleries and gift stores. the aggressive sales tactics you would see in larger towns. and the bustling fishing harbor guarantees fresh seafood every day

The huge windswept beach is a refuge for aficionados of water sports. and beachgoers equally where. the emphasis is on relaxation. Essaouira is readily accessible from Marrakech by bus (the trip will take around 3 hours) or private transfer.


When it comes to lovely beach communities, Mirleft, which is located all the way in the south of Morocco, is probably the region’s best-kept secret The coast of Mirleft is untamed, and the beaches are uninhabited Although the town’s core is very dispersed and far from the coastline (where you’ll find the majority of your lodging options), it will be helpful to have a car because the village itself is extremely historic and worth a look Although the village is a favorite with Moroccan tourists, if you skip the national holidays, you’ll have the town’s sandy beaches to yourself It takes about 2.5 hours to get from Agadir to Mirleft, which makes it a fantastic starting point for seeing places like Sidi Ifni and Tafraoute.


The little village of Oualidia is your next beach location if you prefer calmer seas. Oualidia provides sandy coves and ideal waters for kayaking or fishing excursions. It is spread throughout the interior borders of a lagoon supplied by the Atlantic. The town is also recognized as Morocco’s oyster capital giving it the perfect location for foodies to sample some of the finest seafood available in the nation such as lobster, crab, and red mullet The very best. Between October and June, you’ll essentially have the home to yourself. (During the height of the summer, travelers from France and Morocco swarm here to enjoy this tranquil oasis.) Oualidia is conveniently situated within a 2.5-hour drive from both Casablanca and Marrakech.

Al Hoceima

Who says you have to decide between the beach and the mountains? With the verdant Rif Mountains providing a stunning background to its remote beach coves Al Hoceima offers the best of both worlds. You may swim in the clean waters of the city beach (Quemado Beach) in Al Hoceima. or you can travel a few ways beyond the city to Asfiha Beach for a less crowded length of sand Enjoy a leisurely stroll down Avenue Mohammed V as the sun sets, cooling you off with a delightful sea wind.

To experience a breathtaking view of a section of Morocco’s coastline when you want to take a break from resting go up the hills, A freshly built coastal highway makes it simple to get to Al Hoceima from Tetouan or Chefchaouen, and you may also get there via boat from Almera in Spain

Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki, which is only 17 miles south of Essaouira, is one of Morocco’s most family-friendly beach towns. including a number of family-run guesthouses, and a number of cafés. and an unending stretch of sandy coastline At low tide you may explore some intriguing rock pools to the north You may easily discover your own private hidden dune by taking a short 10-minute stroll along the sea from the sandy beaches. that reach towards the southern horizon, The summertime is the windiest, much like at Essaouira. so go to the beach in the morning and relax by the pool in the afternoon.


Sa’dia is the place for you if you’re looking for a remote coastal vacation with stunning beaches and a temperate Mediterranean climate, This little city is a terrific spot to visit since it is situated on the border between Algeria and Morocco. on the Mediterranean Sea, with 14 kilometers of beautiful shoreline. and a natural bird sanctuary, You can choose to relax in the sun, go fishing on a rented boat, or browse the little city looking for the best seafood restaurant

If going to the beach is part of your ideal trip to Morocco we can make it happen. Contact us right away, and we’ll help you plan the perfect trip to the nation.

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